A downloadable mod

You have less than a minute to complete each level.

Get more time by killing monsters.

Install instructions

This is a really light Quake 1 mod, so there shouldn't be any dependencies

or source port-specific stuff. Nevertheless, to install it:

1. Unpack the archive to your Quake folder.
The directory structure should look like

QuakeSpasm.exe (or similar source port)

2. Start the game with
quakespasm.exe -game slipgateminute

Alternatively, start Quake 1, bring up the dev console and load the mod with

> game slipgateminute


slipgateminute-7dfps.zip 79 kB


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Man, I really liked this one. It adds a whole new depth of challenge to the original game, almost like speedrunning.
Just one question: does the amount of health an enemy have influence on the amount of time you get?

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Thanks for giving it a go :) Right now it doesn't, but I will definitely look into tuning that.