A downloadable mod

You have less than a minute to complete each level.

Get more time by killing monsters.

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slipgateminute-7dfps.zip 79 kB

Install instructions

This is a really light Quake 1 mod, so there shouldn't be any dependencies

or source port-specific stuff. Nevertheless, to install it:

1. Unpack the archive to your Quake folder.
The directory structure should look like

QuakeSpasm.exe (or similar source port)

2. Start the game with
quakespasm.exe -game slipgateminute

Alternatively, start Quake 1, bring up the dev console and load the mod with

> game slipgateminute

Development log


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Hey! I managed to play through the whole game (and then some) with this mod. Here's my playthrough for those interested: Q1 Playthrough with Slipgate Minute

Awesome, well done :D


Cool and fun mod!

If it's not much trouble, it'd be cool to release the .qc source files along with the mod.

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Thank you! Will dig up and post the source in a bit :)

The source is now up at https://github.com/strangebroadcasts/slipgate-minute . It's based on QC 1.06, so I'm not 100% on the licensing - please let me know if there are any glaring omissions or GPL violations (rebuilding the mod on a proper GPL fork is on my to-do list)

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this is INTENSE


I actually play this quite a bit now. It's really great to wake me up. It gives me crazy anxiety. Thank you so much

Thanks - really glad to hear you like it! I want to update it a bit once my thesis is done :) 

(Out of curiosity, how far have you gotten? I had to tweak the timer for the final level of E1 - I have no idea if 30 seconds are enough for the other episodes.)

ep1 was hard until i learned how to do the boss quickly!

ep2 and ep3 weren't a problem on normal, and i think it's fine on hard, it's just hard lol

haven't tried ep4 yet... long story why lol

i think it would be nice to give more time when killing the shamblers, but honestly, the fact that they don't add more time value makes it more exciting.

it's funny but makes sense that hard difficulty is easier than normal, haven't tried easy yet though


Okay, E4M2 is really difficult, took me many tries on Normal and Hard, and there's no way E4M3 is possible for me... it's just too spaced out. Based on that alone, E4 doesn't even seem like it would be possible at all unless you're a speedrunner. 

This is seriously so good, thank you for making this!

Thank you for testing it! The timing definitely needs tweaking, hah - this was my first go at Q1 modding, so learning that the arbitrarily picked 30 second start (mostly) got you through Episode 1 was a pleasant surprise.


Man, I really liked this one. It adds a whole new depth of challenge to the original game, almost like speedrunning.
Just one question: does the amount of health an enemy have influence on the amount of time you get?

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Thanks for giving it a go :) Right now it doesn't, but I will definitely look into tuning that.